Nepali Movie Madhumas

Madhumas is Nepali Movie Directed By Sudarshan Thapa and Produced By Baburam Dahal as well as Sudarshan Thapa and executive Producer is Ramesh B Thapa.
Screenplay By Dinesh Neupane/Abhinas Bikram Shah Cinematographer: Deepak Bajracharya Editor: Raju Dhungana Music: Suresh Adhikari Action: Himal KC Choreographer: Renasha Bantawa Rai Costume Designer: Poonam Gautam Colorist: Ananta Ghimire Graphics: Kamal Shrestha Background Music: Mohit Munal 5.1 Mixing: Dinesh Shrestha Copyright for this video is provided by Om Sai Records Pvt. Ltd. Note: This video is uploaded to PNP Media by acquiring all necessary copyrights.
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