Saya Novel

Saya Novel

Who is Saya?

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Why she Left Atit?

Where is Saya Now?

What happen to Saya?

What is the main reason behind that compel Saya to leave Atit?

Some of the queries are unanswered in Nepali Novel Summer Love. Summer Love Novel is written in the dimension of Atit. So there are many suspense left till now. Some questions are there which Atit himself wanted answer.

Saya Novel By Subin Bhattarai

In Summer Love Novel Saya, the lady character was in hibernation. Now in Nepali Novel Saya "The Second part of Summer Love Novel", Saya herself tells her story which is written in the form of Novel named "SAYA". This Nepali Novel Saya also will arise many unanswered question about Atit and Susmita. This Novel Saya is full of Pshychology, sattire and suspense where everyone find themself in the character. Subin Bhattarai is the writer of both Summer Love Novel and Saya (Sequel of Summer Love Novel).

Listen Saya Novel

Listen Saya Novel in the voice of Achyut Ghimire in radio program Shruti Sambeg.

Saya Novel

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