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Aaja Ramita Cha is written by Famous writer Indra Bahadhur Rai. Nepali Novel Aaja Ramita cha is published firstly in 2032 BS by Sajha Prakashan. Now sixth edition is aviable in Market. This Nepali Novel Aaja Ramita cha is rich in humor, metaphor and colloquialisms. This novel is created in surroundings of Darjeeling.
Aaja Ramita Cha
Listen Nepali Novel Aaja Ramita cha from Shruti Sambeg in the voice of Achyut Ghimire.
Aaja Ramita Cha part 1

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The Darjeeling of the 1960s is already cosmopolitan in a way that Rai’s contemporaries in Nepal would not have been. In that sense, this novel offers a prescient glimpse into urban Nepali society as it has developed of late in Nepal. On both sides of the border, dreams of greener pastures abound: at one point Janak, returning from a trip to Nepal, chases a peacock he’s glimpsed off the trail to the border. “We humans may have left our own country,” he quips, “but if even the beasts and birds leave, how many days will Nepal remain?” Rai’s Darjeeling is inescapably Nepali, down to the small-town mentalities and the frustrated fatalism.
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